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February 17, 2014
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Peace DayThis coming Sunday, September 21, is the 33rd International Day of Peace. Established in 1981 by the United Nations the Day of Peace was intended as a time for us to strengthen our commitment to peace. In 2001 the United Nations established this day to be an annual day for non-violence and cease-fire.

There are many great books on peace for children of all ages. Here are some books especially suited to toddlers to first grade on this day:

Our Big Home by Linda Glaser 

"We all live here. We all share this same big house."
In this Reading Rainbow book, beautifully detailed  illustrations accompany a text that teaches us that we all share this very precious earth of ours. Follow up by having your children brainstorm more things all people share on this earth.

The Kindness Quilt

The Kindness Quilt

The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

What is peace? Even adults have trouble defining this concept. It is easier for young children to understand peace as the feeling we get when we are being kind to each other. This simple books tells the story of how inspired by an Aesop's fable a class creates their own quilt of the kind things they do, by drawing pictures on squares of paper and mounting them all together. Follow up by creating your own quilt of kindnesses.

Find more teacher-tested activities for children of all ages to do for International Day of Peace here: http://www.teachpeacenow.org/peaceactivities.html







Teach Peace Now
Teach Peace Now

We offer books, activities, lesson plans, and ideas that teachers, parents, and students can use to promote values, attitudes and behaviors which encourage non-violent resolution of conflict, respect for human rights, democracy, intercultural understanding and tolerance.

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