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Peace Calendar Activity

Making a peace calendar is a great way to reinforce peaceful thinking, the search for justice, and anti-war activism. The following activity is perfect for families, small groups, classes, and religious organizations. quote for peace

Objective: To develop an understanding of ways each of us can contribute to making the world a more peaceful place.

Grade Level: All ages preschool to adult


1. Read the book Peace Begins with You by Katherine Sholes. Have participants discuss the ideas in the book and then brainstorm ways to apply them in their everyday lives.

2. Pass out blank calendar months (have participants put months and dates on blank calendar pages or print out a calendar using the Wizard in your word processing program.)

3. On a separate sheet of paper, the same size as the month blanks, have participants illustrate each month with a picture showing a way to apply peace in their lives and/or a meaningful quote about peace.

4. next mark special peace days on the calendar.

5. Mount each drawing above the corresponding month. Then staple all the pages together, punch a hole at the top, and add yarn or ribbon or a bent paper clip to hang it.

Optional: Have participants wrap and give their calendar as a holiday gift to their families or make multiple copies and distribute to local businesses, and community organizations.


See the TeachPeaceNow Calendar for ideas. Here are more calendars and resources to consult:

Other Calendars

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Holidays and Special Days in Great Britain

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How Holidays and Observerances Get Started

 Activity Review

Katie Nelson did this activity with her Girls' Circle: She writes - "It went well!  I had about 5 girls who each made their own calendar.  I printed out a 2010 calendar and they wrote down "peace holidays", made up their own peace activities and drew different peace symbols.  We talked about the oppression of women and tied into the peace calendar.  There were a couple girls who were fighting at the time so they put down "make peace with a friend" on one of the days to make it a goal of theirs to reconcile.  Thank you for the great activities on your site, I will be sure to use more!"

Submitted by Katie Nelson, Volunteer Coordinator, YWCA Lower Cape Fear


Will you take time to do something on each of the special days devoted to peace and justice?

We look forward to your thoughts and comments

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