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January 20, 2018
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Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac – A Review & Lesson Plan

Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac

~ Eagle Song ~

Author Joseph Bruchac

Recommended grade levels   2nd and up

Eagle Song SummaryEagle Song by Joseph Bruchac

Danny's family has left the Mohawk reservation and moved to Brooklyn where his father works building skyscrapers. Danny is made fun of in school for being an Indian and must find the courage to stand up for himself. Helped by his father, he learns about his historical and cultural heritage and then shares this with his schoolmates.

Eagle Song is a short, but powerful chapter book  for young readers that depicts contemporary Native American life in a way students can understand and identify with.

Eagle Song Guiding Questions/Activities

Before reading


  • Have you ever moved? How did it make you feel?
  • Have you ever been made fun of because of the way you look or because of your culture?
  • What do you know about Native Americans in New York State?

After reading


  • How did Danny's father help him?
  • Why is it important to know about your family and cultural heritage?
  • What did you learn about Native American life?

About the Author

Joseph Bruchac is of Native American descent and has written numerous books for children and young adults.

Visit Joseph Bruchac's website at

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Related activities

  • Research your family ethnic background and make a scrapbook or give a presentation to your class.
  • Read about the Mohawk ironworkers: The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan
  • View artwork done in honor of the ironworkers at the Iroquois Museum

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