5 Resolutions for a More Peaceful World by Teach Peace Now

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December 23, 2015
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January 10, 2016
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5 Resolutions for a More Peaceful World by Teach Peace Now

Over two thousand years ago, Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse showed us the way to peace in the world. Based on his thoughts, here are our Teach Peace Now's 2016 resolutions for a more peaceful world. May they speak to you as they do to us.


There must be peace in the heart. If there is to be peace in the home-

Let our hearts resolve to search for and to find inner peace, hold on to it and value it. Throughout the year, we resolve to walk and to act and to live in peaceful ways.


There must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace between neighbors- 

May our homes be havens of peace where each member is valued, cherished, and accepted, where differences are settled through reason and love, and where each individual's needs are met as much as humanly possible so peace grows in their hearts.


There must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace in the cities-

Let us resolve to accept our neighbors for who they are, cherish them no matter how different they are from us, embrace them when they are hurt, give when they are in need, and defend them in peaceful protest when they are attacked so their homes maybe havens for peace and peace grows in their hearts.


There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the nations-

Let us resolve to work toward simplifying our way of life and weighing the effect each of our daily choices have on the community and cities where we live so we can live lives of cooperation not competition, usefulness and meaningfulness and peace grows in our hearts.


There must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the world-

Let us step out of the rat race of our everyday lives and join with others in a call for peace between nations and between religions and and between armies and between rebels. With one voice, let us rail against the haters, and the greedy and the destroyers. Because it is only when all us millions with peace in our hearts join together that change will occur.

Will you stand up with us for peace?

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Teach Peace Now
Teach Peace Now
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