Teach Peace Now

There is a reason Teach Peace Now focuses on great books.

Books are powerful. They can transport us to new places.

Books are transformative. They can introduce us to different ways of living.

Books are broadening. They can allow us to experience the world through another person's eyes.

Books are teachers. They can show us ways to solve problems peaceably and teach us empathy.

Teach Peace Now and its teacher contributors have gathered together a large database of books for all ages. Most of these books have been reviewed by us and used with our own children and students. Many of them have related activities, lessons, and discussion questions to go with them as well as links to related book and resources.

We have grouped the books by three general topics rather than by ages or grade levels.  This is because many times a simple illustrated children's picture book can be more profound than a three hundred page novel. Click on the photo for the listings.