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  • It means much to me that my work as science teacher using this method, and the good effect that it had on so many of my students over the years, is present in this website.  I am glad it is reaching people. -Rosemary Plumstead, www.aestheticrealism.org
  • I’ve just been able to explored your website www.teachpeacenow.com. This is a great resource for both teachers and parents, and teacher candidates and educators, too. - NilgunCevher-Kalburan (PhD), Professor of Education, Pamukkale University  
  • To make the kids fully aware of bullying, we're publishing a section on our website with bullying guides and information and we're definitely including your page!  - Candice Dalton, Anti-Bully Advocate
  • Thanks for all you are doing to help provide bullying resources to those who need it! - Stephanie St. Martin, www.care.com
  • We would like to know how we might receive permission to highlight your activities and website on our site www.mojoeducation.com. We search for the best resources to share with our customers on diversity. - Dot Hill, Peace Educator
  • Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and encouragement on behalf of her and the other kids. - Denise Morales, Parent
  • I am designing a program for middle school age students that is geared toward students taking social action.  I am in the beginning stages of the program development and came across your website. - Jeff Groleau, Teacher, Baltimore County Public Schools


Each month get news, lesson plans, book suggestions, and relevant links relating to anti-bias, anti-bullying, and peace education activities and resources. Every month one lucky subscriber will receive a wonderful children's book.


We welcome your comments and love to hear about how you are educating others for peace. Please send us your ideas, your lessons, the happenings in your schools, and any books you think we should we review.

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