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January 1, 2016
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The Predator: A Play about War and Peace

Predator_and_Hellfire The two act play The Predator by Jack Gilroy was first presented at Georgetown University in 2011. Since then it has been performed in many venues from New York to Georgia.  The play presents four women each with a different viewpoint on the role of the military, on the military conflicts our country is currently engaged in, and on the use of drones in those conflicts. It is designed to get the audience to think about these issues and discuss them openly.

The play is offered for free performance by non-profit groups, educators, students, and anyone interested in the cause of peace. Permission from the author can be obtained through Teach Peace Now.

"War is not the answer and drones are making war easier." Jack Gilroy

Click here to read the play: The Predator by Jack Gilroy

About the author: Former veteran and teacher Jack Gilroy is a peace activist and drone protester who has served time in jail for his beliefs. In addition to this play, he is also the author two novels The Wisdom Box and Absolute Flannigan.





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