September 13, 2016
International Peace day Poster

Resources & Activities for International Peace Day

What is International Peace Day?  The International Day of Peace, or as it is often titled, World Peace Day occurs on […]
November 11, 2013

4 Children’s Books about War

~ The Foolishness of War ~ Armistice or Remembrance Day November 11 was designated a holiday to recognize the ending […]
February 8, 2013

Do you love torture?

Do you love torture? Do you watch TV shows and movies where characters are subjected to intense physical pain? Do you […]
December 17, 2012

Which do we love more our children or our guns?

Wake up America! Which do you love more your guns or your children? Yesterday I received an e-mail from Teaching […]
October 30, 2012

What’s wrong with this picture?

By Tim Wolcott “Help us stomp out domestic violence – join Waverly Cares.” The President of STANYS (Science Teachers Association […]
July 24, 2012

When Violence is the Answer

In light of the recent event in Aurora Colorado, it behooves us to re-examine the violent nature of our society […]
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