Steps to Preventing Bullying: A Graphic

This is Our House
This is Our House: How to Be An Ally Activity
October 7, 2016
What is your role in anti-bullying
What is Your Role as an Anti-Bully Activist?
October 24, 2016
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Steps to Preventing Bullying: A Graphic

The Steps to Take

Stand Against Bullying

We need three things to prepare ourselves to stand against bullying: Understanding, Empathy, & Skill. A free TPNow Infographic Poster.

Which step is the hardest for you? 

We welcome your thoughts and comments.

Teach Peace Now
Teach Peace Now

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  1. Anne Ryan says:

    For me. the last post is the most difficult. How to be skilled and take action

    • Teach Peace Now says:

      I agree. Knowing what to do in a tension-filled situation between a bully and a victim requires skill. If you are a person in supervision, be sure to have published well-known steps for dealing with bullying situations. If you are a bystander, look for other allies to give support or get help. Even a tough bully will back down when outnumbered. Take a look at today’s post for more ideas.

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