Using the Arts to Foster Understanding

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Creative writing, dance, drama, and the visual arts allow us to express our feelings and communicate our ideas to others. The following Teach Peace Now anti-bias, anti-bullying peace education activities incorporate the arts in a variety of ways.

Creative Writing

Reading poetry -Three  types of poems Looking like me, Let there be peace, One Rides the wind,

Peace Poems -Write a poem about peace Upper level

The Color of My Skin -Write Diamante poems about the color of your skin


The Predator  -This original two act play presents three conflicting viewpoints on drone warfare and leaves the audience to discuss and decide.

Visual Arts

Anti-Bullying Quilt - Create a paper or sewn quilt that shows how to stand up to a bully.

Big Book of Peace -Create your own big book about peace. An ideal activity for groups and classrooms.

Coming to a Consensus  -Expressing ideas through the creation of posters and flyers

Defining Conflict -Expressing emotions stirred up by conflict visually

Exploring Skin Color -Make a hand print mural while learning about why people have different color skin

International Flag of the Earth -Design your own Flag of the Earth

Origami Doves -Make a folded paper dove for International Peace Day

Origami Cranes -Make folded paper cranes on Hiroshima Day.

Peace Calendar -Illustrate your own peace calendar

Resolution Flags -Make a flag illustrating your goal for the year

What Does Peace Feel Like? -Create original art works expressing peace.

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