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Inspiration from the Art of JahSun

Painting by JahSan www.teachpeacenow.org

Source: http://www.imagingartsprinting.com/2015/01/22/artist-feature-jahsun/

  Yelling and profanity burst our joyous family union like a needle stabbing a balloon.  What was once a warm, inter-generational breakfast became a cauldron of fury and recrimination.   Months passed until forgiveness and apology began the process of healing.

   A careless comment from my spouse hurt, but letting it go became the balm to soothe wounded feelings.  The comment wasn’t really meant the way I reacted to it.

  A xenophobic, vitriolic politician tries to rally forces of hate for his own benefit at the cost of ours.  I consider the source and do my best to ignore his calls to violence.

These three pathways help me breathe out love, when ego, insecurity or fear trigger my most counterproductive responses.

JahSun painting in his studio.

JahSun painting in his studio.

I received a very unexpected and valuable gift for Christmas this year.  It was a print of a painting by the visual artist, JahSun.  The title of the painting is Exhale Love  I now ponder this print almost daily, finding within it, solace and strength.

More than two-thirds of Exhale Love, from left to right, is black with hints of grey.  On the right border are smudges of grey and swirls of blue leading to brilliant white that backstops a young, female, Indian figure.  She stands erect grasping a battle staff that supports her.  Emanating from her mouth are a series of blue, heart-shaped exhalations that flow through the black/grey space.

Painting by JahSan www.teachpeacenow.org

Source: http://www.imagingartsprinting.com/2015/01/22/artist-feature-jahsun/

JahSun says it best.  “Just because the world is full of hate and rage does not mean we do not have a choice in how we respond to it.  With practice, one can inhale nearly anything, and then transmute that energy and send it back out in the form of love regardless of its original intent when sent our way.”

With forethought and practice, I am getting better at breathing out love when fire first JahSun Artistseems the correct response.  JahSun's artwork certainly helped focus my awareness.

What artwork or book helps you find inner peace?

Please leave your suggestions below.

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  1. Jim Clune says:

    That doesn’t look like a battle staff to me, but a peace pipe. Love the painting.

  2. Cello says:

    I find peace in the artwork that is created by god.I have to sit back and just look at all that is in front of me.I find it hard now to go to it first because of what loss I feel.but I do know that I love my family.I love my wife more than anything.I want to heal with them.I want them to help guide me.I need my family to see that they are really my greatest gift.I hope as time goes by that my queen sees that I can be what our family deserves.

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