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What is racism?

Biologically, there is no such thing as a race. We are all the same genetically. Race based on skin color is a culturally made up way of grouping people by skin color.

Racism refers to practices and beliefs that give superiority, power, and privilege to some people, and discrimination and oppression to others based on the color of their skin.

Systemic racism is when political, educational, and social institutions limit access to rights, resources, and privileges on the basis of stereotyped notions of race.  An example would be forbidding people of one race from using a water fountain.

Here is a list of articles, books, lessons, and activity plans, and other resources that focus on ways to fight racism and that celebrate diversity.

Are You Teaching Your Children to Be Racists?

Before You Put On That Safety Pin

Stand Against Racism

When Racists Quit

Books and Activities that Address Racism


Alike and Different

All the Colors We Are

The Colors of Us


Alike and Different

All the Colors We Are

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki

Lion and the Mouse

Looking Like Me

No Day


All the Colors We Are

Lessons from the Past

Maniac Magee

Mixed Bag of Apples

No Day

The Jacket 

The Skin that You Live In

-Let's Talk About Race by Julius Lester

-Looking Like Me by Walter Dean Myer

-Sister Anne's Hands by Marybeth Loriecki


The Other Side

Two Mrs. Gibsons by Toyomi Igus

What if Zebras Lost Their Stripes

White Socks Only

Middle School

Combating Hate

Lessons from the Past

No Day

We All Have A Race

High School and College

Discrimination Based on Race

Fostering Difficult Dialogue

Challenge Hate through Media Awareness

Race and Poverty

Roots of Racism

What's Racism Got To Do With Me?

Other Resources

Race Bridges for Schools

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