Caring, Compassion, & Kindness

Making the World a Kinder Place

Ways to Show Caring, Compassion, & Kindness

The following activities, book reviews, articles, and resources are designed to help each of us and our children find ways to show that we care for ourselves, each other, and our earth.

Developing Empathy

Sharing kindness Teach Peace Now
Four steps to becoming more empathetic.
Alll ages

The Peace Stick

Using the Native American peace stick tradition to show kindness and respect for others.

Simple Kindness

Simple Kindness Teach Peace Now
Four books about kindness for our youngest children.
Infant-Lower Elementary

Sharing Kindness

Sharing Kindness Teach Peace Now
How does sharing kindnesses make our daily lives more meaningful? A video to watch and discuss with follow up activities.
Preschool & up

Walk in Their Shoes

Seeing another's point of view Featured Book: Walk in Their Shoes Activity: Footsteps
All ages

Snap Judgments

Watch the video Too Quick Too Judge and then discuss
Elementary & up

Unconditional Love

What can we learn from children about love? A review of The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

The Golden Rule

all the colors we are
Watch a video of Mr. Roger's explaining the Golden Rule and learn different versions from around the world.

Practicing Gratitude

Review of 3 books about being thankful.

Gift Giving in a Season of Buying

Gift Giving in a Season of Buying Alternatives to purchasing gifts Teach Peace Now
Alternatives to purchasing a gift for someone you care about.

14 Caring Gifts from the Heart

Give a gift of time, caring, and attention. Activy idea from TeachPeaceNow
14 Caring Gifts from the Heart Gifting time, attention, and caring. A coupon book gift activity.
All ages

Books about Gift Giving

Kindness books
Review of six books about unique and positive ways to give gifts.

Let's Teach Empathy

Lessons & activities for teaching empathy.
All ages

It's Mine!

Teaching young children how to share based on Leo Lionni's classic It's Mine Includes the Frog Island Game