Book reviews and activities that address black history and the civil rights movement.

*Freedom Summer

*-Harriet Tubman A list of biographies and suggested activities based on Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky

She Stood for Freedom A story of a white ally in the civil rights movement

*If a Bus Could Talk

Martin Luther King Day

-Martin Luther King's Life & Writings

-Martin Luther King on Injustice

*Mississippi Bridge

My Brother Martin

-Oh Freedom A song of the Civil Rights movement

-Oh, Freedom  by Casey King and Linda Barrett Osborne - Personal stories  by people who participated in the Civil Rights movement. A book review and suggested activities

Picturebook of Rosa Parks

*Pink and Say by P. Polacco

*-Ruby Bridges: A unit lesson plan

*Sister Anne's Hands

Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold

-We March  A family participates in a march for justice. A TPNow book review

*Use these books for Black History Month

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