Can You Say Peace Lesson

Can You Say Peace Lesson

Objective: To introduce the concept of peace and cultural diversity to young children.

Grade levels: Preschool to Grade 3

Written specifically for International Peace Day (September 21st) Karen Katz's Can You Say Peace, is usable for any discussion of peace. Each page of the book shows a child from a different country saying peace in their language. The illustrations are lively and show contemporary life and dress. Although this book comes across as overly simplistic, in a creative teacher's hands this book can be a good way to introduce the idea that although we may speak different languages we still share the same ideas.


Pre-Reading: Do you think peace means the same thing to every person no matter what language they speak?

Post-Reading: Ask: Why do you think all these languages have a word for peace?


Have children make their own pictures showing what peace means to them. These can be made into a class Big Book. Add the word peace in different languages

Make peace flags for International Peace Day.

For older children have them research each of the 11 countries represented in the book.

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