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2016-Teach Peace Now Peace Calendar

Here are the events listed on the Teach Peace Now 2016 Calendar with relevant links to history of each event and suggested activities.


Jan 1 Global Family Day: One Day for Peace

Jan 18-22 No Name Calling Week

Jan 18 Martin Luther King Day of Service

Jan 27 United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day



*Black History Month*

Feb 1 National Freedom Day: Commemorating the 13th Amendment*

Feb 21 UNESCO International Mother Language Day

Feb 27 Perseverance Day Celebrating Victories Toward Peace

Feb 24 Pink Shirt Day



*National Women's History Month*

March 8 United Nations International Women's Day

March 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 22 United Nations World Water Day

March 31 Caesar Chavez Day



*National Poetry Month*

*National Child Abuse Prevention Month*

April 7 National Day of Hope Against Child Abuse

Apr 11 Day of Silence Fight for LGBT Youth

Apr 22 Earth Day

Apr 28 YWCA Stand Against Racism Day



*Asian Pacific, Haitian, Jewish-American, & South Asian Heritage Month* 

May 1 International Workers Day

May 3 UNESCO World Press Freedom Day

May 4th Yom Hashoah Holocaust Memorial Day

May 9 Fair Trade Day

May 11 Mother's Day of Peace

May 15 United Nations International Day of Families

May 21 UNESCO Diversity Day

May 31 WHO No Tobacco Day



*LGBT Pride Month*

June 20 UN World Refugee Day

June 23 United Nations Public Service Day

June 26 United Nations End Torture Day



July 7 Coop Day

July 11 World Population Day

July 17 International Justice Day

July 24 Parents Day



August 6 Hiroshima Day

August 7 Forgiveness Day

August 9 International Indigenous Peoples Day

August 12 United Nations International Youth Day and Civil Rights Day

August 23 International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade & Its Abolition

Aug 26 National Women's Equality Day:Commemorating the 19th Amendment



Sept 8 International Literacy Day

Setp 15 International Day of Democracy

Sept 21 - International Day of Peace



*National LGBT History Month*

*Bullying Prevention Month*

Oct 2 - International Day of Non-Violence

Oct 4 Reconciliation Day

Oct 5 World Day of Bullying Prevention

Oct 5 - World Habitat Day

Oct 11 International Day of the Girl

Oct 9 -15 LGBT Ally Week

Oct 14 Native American Day

Oct 16 - World Food Day

Oct 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 24 - United Nations Day



*Native American Heritage Month*

Nov 9 Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Nov 16 International Day of Tolerance

Nov 14 - 18 Anti Bullying Week UK

4th Thursday Thanksgiving USA



*Human Rights Month*

Dec 10 International Human Rights Day

Dec 20 International Human Solidarity Day

Dec 21 National Homeless Remembrance Day

Dec 31 Universal Hour of Peace 11:30 PM - 12:30 AM


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