Here are some simple cards with big messages designed especially for our followers by Teach Peace Now.  All we ask is that for every one you send to family and friends, please also send one to a world leader of your choice. You will find a list of current world leaders and their addresses by clicking - Addresses of World Leaders Include your own wish for peace. All cards are offered free for personal use only.

ideasOr here's an idea - make your own. Making cards honoring peace and sending them to world leaders would make a terrific family, school, or community group project.

Blank Greeting Card Blank greeting card    Blank Postcard Blank Postcard

Directions for TPNow cards, postcards and web posters below.

  1. Choose your card. Click on the quote.
  2. Print it out on a color printer.
  3. Paper greeting cards: Fold it in quarters.
  4. Postcards: Use card stock, print double-sided, and cut out. Write your message on the back.
  5. Web Posters: Right click. Copy. Paste into your Twitter, Facebook or other social media pages.


Web PosterIf we cannot end our differences POSTER

Greeting card If we cannot end now   Postcard  If we cannot end now

Web Poster Nothing is more precious POSTER

Greeting card Nothing is more precious.  Postcard  Nothing is more precious

Web Poster

Peace is more POSTER

Greeting card Peace is more  Postcard  Peace is more

Web Poster

Dream only POSTER

Greeting Card: Dream always  Postcard Dream always 

Web PosterPeace is beautiful POSTERGreeting Card Peace is always beautiful Postcard Peace is always beautiful

Web Poster

Come heavenly peace POSTERGreeting card Come heavenly Postcard Come heavenly peace

Web Poster

No more shall POSTERGreeting Card  No more shall     Postcard  No more shall

Web Posterstars in snow POSTER

Greeting Card  So many stars    Postcard so many stars


Web Poster

Since wars begin POSTER

Greeting Card   Since wars began Postcard Since wars began


Web poster

Let Compassion POSTER

Greeting Card  Compassion Postcard Let compassion

Web Poster

MLK Quote on pic of broken chains

Greeting Card Injustice Postcard Injustice

More cards coming soon...

Send us your suggestions for quotes to illustrate!



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