Building Bridges of Support

ONE stick  – inconsequential… HUNDREDS of sticks – amazing!

One Stick

One Stick Among Many

Last week we asked you to choose ONE thing you could do to make the world a better place.  Did you choose one? Do you think it will make a difference?

This Bridge of Support was built by elementary students at my school. After watching the PowerPoint and brainstorming ways we can help each other, students wrote down one thing they could do to support others on one side of the stick and signed their name on the other. Then they glued their stick to one of three bridge supports.

Boy adds stick

Building Support for Each Other

A single board was laid across the top. At morning program assembly the principal stood on it.

The bridge

Finished bridge

Please share with us one thing you are doing to make the world a better place. The more each one of us does the stronger we all will be.

One thought on “Building Bridges of Support

  1. MY ONE THING: I am protecting our environment for our children’s future by protesting the polluting, destructive practice of fracking. This week I attended a peaceful rally outside DEC in Syracuse.

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